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Study Spots! Finals Edition

December 2nd, 2017 egmuss20

Hi guys,

This semester has been a blur! Finals are quickly approaching and then I head home for a little over a month.

The period before and during finals is inevitably a time of stress, but with a little bit of positivity every day and a whole lot of studying, you get through it! (And then you get to go home and catch up on all that missed sleep!)

My favorite study spot on campus is the reading room of Dinand, our main library on campus. This is the reading room:

During finals, however, it can be hard to find a spot. And since the library is already on the brink of overflow,  I have compiled a short list of all my favorite non-Dinand study spots on campus, according to my desired atmosphere and type of work.

  1. When I’m doing math or economics problems in the evening: Stein Cafe (Also known as Cool Beans 2 or Cafe Babel). I have all of my classes in Stein this semester, so I work in the cafe during the day between classes, as a matter of convenience. However, it is not my favorite place during the day, because it can get quite crowded when classes get out. But at night, the cafe is closed, but the tables are still there, and the place is empty and quiet.
  2. When I have an essay to write in the morning: Smith Fourth Floor Table Area. In one of our academic buildings, Smith, there is an area with a few tables and some lounge chairs. There are huge windows that look out toward the Hogan Campus center and the Hoval, so it’s a pretty view. And in the mornings its really quiet and peaceful.
  3. When it’s warm out and I want to be outside: The 9/11 Memorial Plaza. Right behind Fenwick, there’s a beautiful plaza with a fountain and a pretty view of the ivy growing on the building. The tables have umbrellas so it doesn’t get too sunny, and if I have some busy work and don’t mind getting a little distracted, it’s my favorite place to be (assuming it’s a nice day, of course).
  4. When I have an Econ exam approaching: Random classrooms in the science complex. I like to practice math equations and graphs by writing on the chalkboard, so sometimes I hole myself away in a classroom all day. The science complex has some really nice classrooms that are (thankfully) not as hot as Dinand.

Hope everyone enjoys there Christmas break!



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