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Starting Sophomore Year

September 7th, 2017 egmuss20

Hi all!

I’ve been back on campus for almost two weeks, but I wanted to wait until I was settled in to update you all on the new semester!

I am currently a sophomore at Holy Cross. This year, I am living in Clark Hall with my roommate, Meaghan. For those of you who do not know, I am a double major in Economics and English.

This semester I am taking Macroeconomic Theory, which is a 200-level class for Economics majors who have completed the pre-requisites of Macro and Micro Principles of Economics. I am also taking an ECON Statistics Course, which so far, is my favorite class. We just started probability, a topic I greatly enjoyed last year in Calc 2. In addition to these two Economics classes, I am also taking Touchstones 1A, which is a British Literature English Course, and Latin 101 (because I have to complete my language requirement).

Work is picking up already, and I know I will have to be spending the majority of my time in Dinand soon, but it has been great to catch up with my friends these past two weeks. Most of my friends are living in the same dorm as Meaghan and I this year, which is pretty convenient.

On another note, I’ve been attending a variety of meetings in preparation for study abroad. Study abroad applications are due at the beginning of November. I still have not completely decided where I want to go, but right now I am leaning toward Dublin, Ireland. The thing that stands out about Holy Cross study abroad is that most students who do go abroad stay in their country of choice for two semesters, rather than just one. I will actually be able immerse myself in another culture for a full year, which is an outstanding opportunity.

I’m beyond excited to be back on campus and I cannot wait for all the events and experiences that this year will bring. I will keep you all updated on my sophomore year. For now, here are some pictures from the first two weeks back on the hill.



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