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Starting Second Semester

January 25th, 2017 egmuss20

Hey guys!

Welcome back to campus! Christmas break was a much-needed time to relax, but now I am ready to start classes again.


Finals went better than I expected actually. I had two final exams and two final papers, which was a nice balance between writing and studying. I found that the exams were not too difficult to study for because I had multiple tests throughout the semester which prepared me for the format of the finals.

I found that it was best to switch up my studying places so that I wouldn’t get too restless in one spot. I liked studying at Cool Beans 2 in Stein if I wanted a relaxing atmosphere with a little noise, but I liked studying in the stacks of Dinand when I needed absolute silence to focus.

It’s still hard to believe that I have completed my first semester of college. Aside from the knowledge I’ve gained in the classroom, first semester also taught me other important lessons too. Even though I thought that I knew how to study when I first started school, college has taught me how to manage my time and organize my work in order to be most efficient. Sometimes, you have to sacrifice socializing with friends in order to do well, but trust me, it pays off.


This semester, I’m taking Calc II, Principles of Microeconomics, Poetry and Poetics, and Magical Realism in the World (my Montserrat). Most of the classes are continuations of what I learned last semester, but I’m really excited for poetry, since I have never taken a poetry class before.

I look forward to seeing what new experiences second semester brings, and as always, I’m excited to share my time here on the hill with my friends and meet new people.




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