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First Semester on the Hill!

November 20th, 2016 egmuss20

Hi everyone! My name is Emma Mussatto and I am almost finished with my first semester on the Hill! I’ve only been here for three months and yet it feels like a lifetime since I was nervously awaiting the first day of college.

So far, I have been lucky enough to meet some incredible friends. This year, I live in Brooks-Mulledy residence hall, which is the biggest freshman dorm (and the best, but I’m a bit biased), and I’ve become really close with some of the girls on my floor.

Academically, I am enjoying all of my classes. I have calculus at eight a.m., which is sometimes (all the time) really hard to get out of bed for. Aside from Calc 1, I am also taking CRAW Fiction, Principles of Macroeconomics, and my Montserrat class, Global Issues in World Literature. At first, I was disappointed in my Montserrat class because it was my last choice, but now, I actually enjoy the class. We read novels and talk about them in a discussion-based class, which has also helped me get to know the people in my class better.

Besides academics, I’ve been getting involved in some of the activities on campus. I joined SPUD, in which I coach an SAT class for high schoolers at South High in Worcester. It has been an incredibly eye-opening experience for me to create a lesson plan each week and figure out how to best prepare my students. I am grateful not only to be able to help these kids prepare for the SAT, but I am grateful for the opportunity to see how much it takes to teach students.

While at first, it was difficult trying to adjust to a new atmosphere, especially with the large amount of unstructured time and freedom, I love every part of being at Holy Cross and I am looking forward to next semester and many new experiences!


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